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Spring Home Staging

April 29th, 2015 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Customer Service , Marketing, Real Estate News

Spring is the season for fresh starts and nothing is fresher than a new home. It’s no wonder that spring is the premiere time for real estate. If you have a home you plan to put on the market, it may be time for some spring cleaning, or home staging. Home staging is one of the most important aspects of selling a home and can be the deciding factor of your success.  Effective home staging consists of many aspects to make your home MLS ready. Here are some tips to get the most out of your staging.

Let’s start with your yard. A home’s exterior makes the primeval and longest lasting impression. After all, first impressions are everything. It’s important to focus on your curb appeal. A gorgeous exterior is more likely to attract interested parties. A shoddy appearance can just as easily drive them away. Your home’s appearance should not only be presentable but also make your home stand out. You want it to be striking!

So what can you do for your front yard? Let’s make it presentable first. Begin by covering up those dead spots. If you have a tree creating ugly dead spots devoid of life, plant some flowers around its base that thrive in the shade. You can also try applying some mulch to retain moisture. Make your yard look lush and vibrant. Planting flowers is one of the most cost effective and best ways to achieve this. Flowers placed in front of the house, on the sidewalk, and hanging from baskets, can communicate life and vigor to prospective buyers. Don’t get carried away though! Avoid planting so much that your viewers can no longer see your home, or if it darkens your property too much. In fact, trim any trees, branches or shrubs that may obscure your home.

You can do much more than just gardening for your home. To create an attractive exterior, consider a new coat of paint on the front door. A bold color will do wonders for your home’s appearance. You can also consider replacing it with something fancier, like glass, if you want to go all out. Make sure to install some accents as well, such as decorative house numbers, a cute welcome mat, or an attractive light fixture. Making your door stand out can communicate warm feelings to your visitors and make them feel welcome.

Depending on your property, it may be a smart move to install lights along your walkways. Lights illuminate your property selectively and can emphasize your landscaping and features. It also increases safety for your visitors at night. Lights can also enhance your home’s appearance by giving it a more contemporary look and feel.

Now that your visitors have made it past your yard, it’s time to impress them with the main event, your home’s interior. The key here is depersonalization. You want to allow your viewers to envision themselves living in this home. Your focus should be to free up clutter and create as much breathing room as possible for their imagination.

Begin by doing some spring cleaning. Clear clutter from your home until it is pristine as possible. Organize everything and remove it from view. Wash the floors and clean the windows. Wipe away any dust and vacuum thoroughly. Clear out your kitchen counters and organize your pantry. Try to remove any odors to have your home smelling fresh as possible. Bake some cookies or have some scented candles. However, try not to use anything too strong. The goal is to try to make your home as clean and fresh as the day you bought it. It is advisable to give your pets to a friend or move them outside during the open- house period. You’re going to want to shoot for hotel-lobby clean. After all, you’re going to have visitors!

Now that your home is in shape for the sale, it’s time to take some quality, MLS-ready photos. Here are some tips.

When taking interior photos, you want to avoid using yellow lampshades. The glow they create is unattractive and distracting. Instead, elect to use white lampshades. Also, try to get the entire room in your interior shot, and always have a focal point. This makes your photo a lot more organized.

When taking exterior photos, make sure the weather is good. MLS photos should have a lot of light, so good means sunny. Try to take your photos around noon, where the sun is highest. This will ensure the most vibrant shots. Additionally, if you are taking photos at night, focus on areas with adequate exterior lighting.   

You should take several shots in different angles. It’s more interesting for the viewer and allows them to see your property in different perspectives. Also, use horizontal shots for your photos. Vertical photos don’t show up properly on the MLS and will be compressed.

With these handy tips, your home should have quite a strong and confident presence. You will truly be able to communicate the value of your property. Go ahead and make sure your home is dressed for success!