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What's Trending in Real Estate

November 1st, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Digital Trends

Using real estate trends and statistics, realtors can grasp a better understanding of the pathway to success. Because real estate now relies on the web for its connections, business traffic, and clientele, it is beneficial to know exactly what people are doing and expect in order to optimize their real estate experience. It is also important for realtors to acknowledge what the consumer really wants and responds to.

Searching for a Home & Agent

The internet has been available to us for quite some time, and it is no surprise that along with real estate agents, it is the most frequently used source for buyers. Whether someone is purchasing a home, selling a home, or looking for an agent, the internet always appears to be the center for finding resources.

-89% of home buyers claim the internet is involved in the home purchase process

-56% of buyers claimed that they used the internet as the first step in home search

-43% of home buyers found the home they purchased on the internet

-70% of buyers and 75% of sellers found their agent on the internet

-60% of buyers googled their agent

Agent/Client Communication

A quick response is something that real estate agents may be lacking these days. Most clients expect to have a timely response from their agents. It is important for clients to have contact with their realtors when they need because buying/selling properties can be very stressful- and possibly new to them. Combined with their daily lives and busy schedules, timely contact should be a priority if agents wish to give their clients a positive experience.

-77% of sellers expect a reply within 30mins.

-24% of agents reply to sellers within 30 mins

-45% of sellers and 42% buyers expect a reply instantly

Where Agents Market Homes

The internet is not surprisingly the number one marketing tool for agents to use- followed by MLS, yard signs, and open houses.

 By viewing recent data and statistics in real estate marketing, agents can easily pinpoint what they must do in order to generate more traffic.


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