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Use Social Media Effectively

April 13th, 2011 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing

Social Media is new to the internet scene but has already dramatically changed the way people use the internet.  It has affected world events and politics domestically and internationally.  Just recently Facebook and Twitter was a key tool for communication with loved ones affected by the Japan Tsunami. 

With the Real Estate market still struggling, social media can give you the edge over your competition.  Here is some basic guidance to using the top social media tools to your advantage.


Facebook is a very personal system so you should not send out mass advertising messages here.  Users are quickly irritated when inundated with impersonal promotions for businesses.  Use Facebook to cultivate relationships with your clients and connections.  Comment about their posts and interact with pages on a personal level.  If you have sold a home, post on your client’s wall how happy you are that the deal went through.  Not only are you forming a more personal relationship with your client, you are also raising the probability that one of his or her friends will contact you.  They will see you not only as a realtor but also as an individual who is fun to work with. Facebook daily, it only takes a minute.


With Twitter you can be a little more obvious about sending out your marketing messages.  That does not mean it should not still be personal.  Don’t use your twitter only to send out real estate news.  You should show personality and humor with your tweets.  No one wants to follow someone boring.  Share interesting information, funny links, and exciting real estate news about your company that will elicit a response from others. Tweet a few times daily, it only takes a couple seconds.


If you are trying to increase traffic to your site and you don’t have a blog, get one.  Blogging is a great way to direct traffic to your site for several reasons.  When someone uses a search engine, the engine is basically searching for key words in websites.  A blog post is a great opportunity to use a variety of keywords in informative posts about your company, your community, and much more.  In your blog posts you should also include a link to your website.  If your website has a higher amount of links from an outside page, like a blog, its ranking on search engines will improve. Blog weekly, put some thought into your posts, SM SOLD can help.


YouTube is an effective tool for agents and brokers in conjunction with their website and other social media pages.  You can use YouTube to post home tours, a fun tour of your office and work space, and interviews about your business and the current real estate climate. Post to YouTube on a monthly basis.

Keep it together

All of your social media outlets should be interconnected.  For example, announce a new blog post on your Twitter and post a new YouTube video to your Facebook.  Keep everything clean, polished, and friendly.  

SM SOLD can help you brand your social media tools and integrate them with your website.  If you are tight on time we will help you manage your pages and use all resources to benefit your business.  Contact us today for more information.