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The Business World Has Gone Digital, Are You Ready?

November 3rd, 2016 | by: Sara Johnston | Posted in : New Technology, Real Estate Tips, Digital Trends

It’s not uncommon today to have clients call up their agent and explain they are ready to sell their home, or buy a first home for their children. The difference is that 10 years ago, transactions were done in your home or agent’s office with real, concrete paperwork. Today the entire transaction protocol looks completely different. Welcome to the world of online transactions, the cloud, and Docusign.

Today, agents can do the entire real estate transaction online – no paper needed. Of course escrow may require a few ink signatures in the opening and closing package, but the rest is virtually electronic. Today, offers are created online and sent to clients to sign using Docusign. Most agents are very familiar with this but buyers and sellers could feel skeptical. Docusign is the future of remotely signing documents as easy as a scribble with your finger on your smart-phone using the Docusign app. After signatures are completed, your agent is instantly alerted so they can carry on to the next step.

Seem risky? It can be. All you need to do to sign is access to the person’s email to get into the document and sign as them. Of course, this is not ethical in any right – but it conveys there might be problems on the horizon for online signing and transactions… but we already knew that.

The other real problem with this convenient new technology is that there is no one going through each page and signature with you to make sure you fully understand what you are signing. Even with Docusign, it’s important for agents to walk clients though each document they are signing, instead of simply clicking through 100 pages of documents in a matter of seconds.

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