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Spotlight on Sold 4.0

March 21st, 2012 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing, Luxury, Client News, Services

SM Sold luxury real estate marketing agency specializes in integrated solutions for real estate agents and brokers both locally and nationally.  Our one-of-a-kind software and unique web solutions are individually customized for each client and project.  Achieve a wider range of functionality with the latest SM Sold software, Sold 4.0.  SM Sold offers a variety of services ranging from creating full brokerage, agency, and property websites, RETS solutions, e-Campaigns, brand building, and WordPress integration.  SM Sold proudly announces our featured work on recently completed projects for Daniel Devartanian, City Living Detroit, and Peters, Carlton, & Mugford.  Take a look at what SM Sold can do for you!

Daniel Devartanian

Explore the beautiful Bay Area with Daniel Devartanaian.  Discover the luxuries of San Francisco, California with the best in premier properties.  In 2011, SM Sold created custom design property websites for Daniel Devartanian.  Recently, Daniel Devartanian has integrated his website with our latest software, Sold 4.0. With the upgrade to Sold 4.0, he now has the capability to create and manage multi-page property websites with ease. 

City Living Detroit - Austin Black II

Immerse yourself in an urban city lifestyle with the City Living Detroit brokerage website. Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, City Living Detroit offers a variety of properties including lofts, condos, historic homes and apartment properties.  SM Sold’s full website and design construction includes an array of services and features.  With a sleek and modern feel, SM Sold has streamlined the City Living Detroit website so that it now utilizes our individualized community pages, WordPress integration, concierge services, agent testimonials, and high quality video viewing. City Living Detroit also uses our RETS data integration so that all properties maintain consistent braning.  The homepage always displays the most up-to-date content through the incorporation of social media newsfeeds. 

Peters, Carlton, & Mugford

Peters, Carlton, and Mugford Real Estate team welcomes you to Vero Beach, Florida, the “Gateway to the Tropics”.  Our one-of-a-kind website design for Peters, Carlton, and & Mugsford is traditional, simple and easy to use.  SM Sold created exceptional property pages and highly distinctive community pages featuring individual properties chosen by our client.  Get connected with Peters, Carlton, & Mugford on their redesigned Facebook fanpage. 

Recently completed e-Campaigns include:

Barry Berg Group 

San Destin Real Estate

In-Progress website and branding:

Bond Street Partners

Stay tuned! We’re in the progress of creating a new website for Bond Street Partners luxury real estate.  Let SM Sold build your brand as we are currently doing so for Bond Street Partners. You can preview the Bond Street Partners landing page now at

Let SM sold revitalize your online presence with our custom websites, unique backend software, RETS solutions, e-Campaigns, branding, Wordpress integration, and social media solutions. SM Sold can even manage your blog or upkeep social media pages on a schedule fit for you.  Contact SM Sold today for a free consultation.