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Personalized Sites On The Rise

March 28th, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing, Websites

Following the social media tsunami that hit the world wide web, there\'s a second wave coming. Dynamic web personalization, that is. Dynamic website personalization (DWP) creates the ability to change your website content based on a select visitor\'s set criteria. Through this, every single customer will have a personalized experience in line with their needs and wants. By having a dynamic interface, the business is creating a conversation space for the customer, thus building a trusted relationship.


Something as simple as having similar products or listings show underneath a currently viewed product will increase time spent on your site. This promotes more click-throughs because it is giving related suggestions. Analyzing your consumer activity will also allow you to re-organize your content and tailor it better towards the driving factors of your site.


Aside from similar suggestions, you need creative content to keep your consumer engaged. Your website needs to be relevant to the audience\'s interests. Along with telling a story, you need a call to action. Your audience should want to comment, share, or like what you have to offer. Content personalization can be broken down into 4 main segments: location, interest, behavior, or referral. To pinpoint these segments you can either use a consumer opt-in or not. If you choose to not go the opt-in route, there are still ways to decipher the information. For example, your landing page could make the consumer “choose a role” to take them to specific information.


Here is a checklist for personalizing your content:

  1. Make sure your content supports your business objectives.

  2. Target specific segments of your audience.

  3. Focus on 1-2 keywords for SEO purposes.

  4. Link to other content, whether inbound or outbound.

  5. Have a killer headline with a keyword in it.

  6. Include corporate branding.

  7. Keep a consistent voice that\'s personal.

  8. Visual content is key.

  9. Make content readable.

  10. Keep a clean mouth (no profanity).

  11. Check. Double check. Triple check for errors.


  13. Start a conversation with engaging information.


So make the most of your website and personalize for your consumers. Here at SM Sold we develop beautiful solutions tailored to fit your needs and your bottom line.