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Out with the Old, In with the New

September 12th, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Real Estate Tips

Traditional Methods can often benefit from a little spice! We enjoyed the Open House ideas for @Realtor so much we had to share them with our fellow agents! 


It is important, in the mists of any marketing tacticc, to stay true to the end goal. In this instance: Showcasing and Selling a home. Sometimes, in order to get a head of the curve, you need to extra creative. Traditional values of an open house are designed to real estates to showcase the value of a home to potential buyers. So let\'s put on our thinking caps on and see what stepping outside the box can do for you and your next open house!


In at number one: Address the Senses 

Although your potential buyers will be using their sense of sight first, it is not the only sense you can capitalize on to make this a captivating open house! Fragrance can be a powerful tool. We suggest the smell of freshly beaked cookies aroma in the kitchen, fresh linen in the living quarters and fresh cut flowers in the   entertaining rooms. All the sense of touch to be explored as you provide each potential buyer with a custom property brochure. Depending on the type of home or the target market, play soft background music to complement the audience you are trying to market! 


On Deck: Show\'em the Arts 

This open house is perfect for the vacant, unlived in home. Often times it is hard for buyers to imagine themselves at home in a blank space- not everyone has the eye for design. Showcasing the rooms as a canvass can increase the turn around of potential buyers. Realtors authors also share a great idea, make it an art exhibit. An intimate gathering with a local artist can showcase the openness of the community, generate a ton of buzz and be the perfect opportunity for networking with potential buyers.


Threes A Crowd: Leave it to the Designers 

Another great opportunity to get involved with the community as you showcase your home and market the house! Recruit a local interior designer to showcase the property. Studies continue to prove the showcasing and staging homes give realtors over a 50% chance of return and better yet, transaction. 


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