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August 2nd, 2011 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing

There is no denying that the increase in internet usage, social media, and online interaction has transformed the way people do business and marketing.  The internet has also dramatically changed consumer’s habits when selecting a product or service.  Consumers do their research before expressing interest in a company so it is more important than ever to have consistent branding and professionalism across all internet platforms.  When you do get an online lead from a website or social media, don’t let them fall through the cracks. Here are some crucial points to help you maintain efficient responses to online leads.

Online Leads Have a Short Shelf Life

If you are getting leads from the internet, you must respond with internet speed.  According to a Harvard Business Review Study, companies that contact leads within an hour or the inquiry were 7 time more likely to have a meaningful conversation with the lead than those who waited more than an hour.  Those who waited 24 hours were sixty times less likely to have that kind of connection.

In today’s real estate industry, nearly 75% of online leads are lost.  The loss of online leads means you are losing potential clients that have explicitly expressed interest in what you have to offer.  70% of consumers choose the first company that gets back to them. 

Don’t Rely on Auto Responders

Auto-responders are good, they make contact immediately after a lead comes in and give the lead additional contact information, but an auto-responder won’t close the deal.  You must check in with your CRM and social media sites frequently to stay up date with new leads.  Personally responding to a lead within 30 minutes of the inquiry is ideal.  If you cannot get a hold of them immediately, leave them some information using whatever medium they used to contact you and follow up within 24 hours.

Be Accessible

Smart phones offer all that you need to respond to online leads in a timely fashion.  With such similar capabilities of a computer, smart phones provide instant accessibility to a wide range of client contact information, company email, and social media outlets with the appropriate applications.  Mobile smart phones provide a variety of resources that allow for customer interaction in the palm of your hand. 

Ask for Help

If you don’t have the tools in place to efficiently manage your leads, contact SM SOLD and we will help you get on track.  We are continually developing strategies to help turn online leads into sales. 

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