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Effective E-mail Strategies for Business

February 15th, 2012 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing

Website Domain

The first impression your business makes on its customers is crucial.  It is highly recommended that you use your registered business domain name in email addresses to emphasize the company’s professionalism.  (The domain name is the part of the email that follows the “@” symbol.)   

Content Formatting

Business emails should always be concise and easy to read.  The format of emails should be clearly outlined with appropriate spacing and page breaks especially in lengthy emails.  Be sure to use plain text in common fonts with a simple signature line in all business emails. The inclusion of fancy graphics, fonts, and backgrounds can take up unnecessary storage space in the recipient’s inbox and may load slowly or not at all.

Consistent Signature Incorporation

At the end of all business emails always use the same signature, no matter what.  It is common to have signatures that include links and other modes of contact.  Consistency is key as your signature emphasizes your company’s professionalism.  As a precaution, be sure to test your email signature on a smart phone.

Marketing and Advertising

Consider creating E-newsletters to fully utilize the advertising capabilities for your business email.  E-newsletters are an inexpensive and highly effective, serving as both a marketing and branding tool.  These newsletters can be sent to a large range of clientele and should include both current and potential clients.  Sending out regular newsletters to your customers keeps your company in their mind increasing the likelihood of repeat business and referrals. The content should feature products and services and also highlight company news and promotions.  

Need Help?

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