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DRE Compliance in Disclosing California Real Estate Licenses in Print Advertising

February 4th, 2013 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing, Services, New Technology

There are still some agents and brokers in California who are not in compliance with the DRE (Department of Real Estate). In California it is mandated that all solicitation materials intended for first point of contact with customers has a DRE license number. Under section 2773 regulation by the DRE, the solicitation materials required to have the license identification number are as follows:

• Business Cards
• Stationary
• Websites owned or controlled by the soliciting real estate license
• Promotional and advertising flyers
• Brochures and leaflets
• Email and regular mail
• Any other marketing designed to solicit the creation of customers to contact the licensee about any licensed services

The DRE’s regulation also includes items that are not considered solicitation material for license number requirement.

• Advertisements in electronic media, such as radio, cinema, and television ads, and the opening section of streaming video and audio
• Print advertising in periodicals or newspapers
• “For Sale” signs placed around the property notifying the public that it is available for purchase

Under this regulation, the eight-digit DRE license number should be in a type size that is no smaller than the smallest type size used in the solicitation material. Each person’s license number should be disclosed if more than one licensee appears within the solicitation. However, the license numbers of employing or corporate brokers whose names or logos appear on the solicitation do not need to be included on the solicitation.