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Creating Viral Tweets for Your Business

April 23rd, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Marketing, Social Media

Twitter has over 215 million active user creating over 500 million tweets per day so as you can imagine it can be difficult to break through the clutter without the right formula. There are numerous ways to make your information important and relevant which will lead to viral sharing of your content. Below is a guide with helpful ideas that can aid you in creating viral content.

Add a call to action

Every tweet should be done for a specified purpose and should include a call to action. Every tweet should be made in a way that will entice others to retweet. Retweets are your number one way of reaching more people outside of your followers. Often times asking people to retweet your post will get people to retweet as long as you do not over use this tactic. Just add “Please RT” or “Please ReTweet” to the end of your twitter post. Other phrases that work to encourage retweeting are “check this out, please vote, what do you think of, where is the best place to, I need some help or you should really follow.


Experimentation may be required to see when you will you get the best response from your followers. Many studies will tell you conflicting information as to the optimal time to post onto Twitter so use your best judgment to determine what works. If you are a corporate business, you may find that the best time to post is on week days, during working hours. If you are a business that specializes in products people use or enjoy on their time off, than the weekend may be a better time to post or after working hours. Keep track of your retweets and put the information in an excel spread sheet so you can be then start collecting data on your own.


Links are a critical component of creating viral tweets.  Links allow one to market their business through linking whether it is their business website, promotion, or new product. Just be careful that your links are relevant to your tweet and appear conversational rather than direct selling. Viral tweets create inbound links to you website which will simultaneously improve your SEO ranking.


Tweeting about relevant news related to your business or industry is a great way to keep followers actively engaged with your content. Being one of the first to post about interesting industry news is a wonderful way to gain credibility and show authority in your business sphere. News content is a great way to add value to your followers.


Your tweets carry a voice and specific point of view. It is vital that your tweets are consistent, and not contradictory. If your tweets appear to be contradictory, this may reduce credibility with your followers. The same goes for the messages you post in reflection to your brand, consistency is key.  

Avoid too many self-references

Self-referential tweets that focus on “me” or “my business” are more likely to come across as a sales pitch and reduce your chances for virality. By focusing on “we” and “you” terminology, your brand will appear more inclusive and relatable to other people, after all Twitter is a social network.