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Court of Palms Phase Two Installation at the Venetian Macau Resort

October 17th, 2012 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Client News

Our client, NatureMaker has showcased their phenominal work by setting up two installations at Venetian Macau yet again!

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NatureMaker returns to the Venetian Macau resort for our phase two installation at the Court of Palms indoor atrium.  Our extensive installations at the Venetian Macau have been one of NatureMaker’s major international projects over the past year.  NatureMaker is proud to be contributing to the Venetian Macau’s landmark expansion, as the resort is prestigiously known for being the single largest hotel in Asia.

Our hand-crafted palm trees from our Phase one installation exhibited a wide range of species, including Dactilifer, Royal, King, and Queen palm trees with heights between 15’-75’.   In addition a fabrication of over 10,000 understory tropical plants and various flora for display in the Macao’s understory garden were are also included.

Phase two of our installation includes a total of twenty-seven Palm trees in the new Court of Palms interior atrium.  NatureMaker has hand-crafted a diverse range of palm trees, varying in height and specimen type.  A list of our various palm tree specimens with tree heights are detailed below:

Fourteen (14) 25’ tall preserved ‘Tornado’ Palm Trees (with windswept trunks)

Three (3) 65’ tall Royal Palm trees

Four (4) 55’ tall Royal Palm trees

Five (5) 45’ tall Queen Palm trees

One (1) 51’ tall Queen Palm trees

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