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Leads Turning into Dead Ends? Learn to make it to the Finish Line with these 4 Tips:

October 10th, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Uncategorized

It’s no longer about just getting a visit to your website. Most consumer trends and knowledge focus on the interventions and methods targeted to driving traffic to your website, we admit this is important, but is just one piece of the final puzzle. To put this idea into perspective we often compare a visit to the abandoning cart theory, what actually makes a consumer buy the items in their shopping car and what makes them “abandon the cart.” Studies prove, time and time again, the consumers need to see the whole picture.

 Before we get into the fundamentals of tracking leads, let’s first take a step back and discuss the overall pillars of success. Digital Marketing includes 4 fundamental pillars to digital marketing success which includes Website Traffic, Website Conversion, High Customer Value and Tracking ROI. With that in mind, apply these 4 tactics to the user experience and start generating sales from your website today.

In at number one, Lead Management. Lead management is commonly known as an offering or service to a potential client in exchange for their contact information. This can come in many shapes and sizes from free white reports, videos, or tools. In the case of a Real estate agent, some examples would include an offering of an area map or a downloaded able list of events in the local community. These offerings often have to be enticing enough for the consumer to want to exchange the information with you. Offerings like so are important due to the fact that most visitors who visit a site for the first time are not looking to make a purchase. Although they may not be ready to make a purchase, you have collected a data base for reaching out to consumers at a later day with the follow up, tactic #2.

Tactic #2, the follow up is fundamental. This shows your trust, loyalty and commitment to the products or services you are offering.  It allows you to put your feelers out and nurture and foster a potential relationship with your prospects. You can insure proper follow up by developing auto responders and email newsletters. Using autoresonders is great for someone who doesn\'t have a lot of time on their hands; you can set it up to auto reply on a designated timeline in order to properly target your follow ups. If you have been doing auto responses for quite some time and feel you\'re not getting the response or feedback you\'re seeking, we recommending making things a bit more personal. Studies show significant value and response rate can be generated from Email Newsletters. Here is where you can get creative, share the latest and greatest in the company, updates from the community and trends in your industry. 

Third times a charm! Tactic number 3 Multi-Step Checkout. Although it doesn\'t apply to everyone, it perfect for companies with e-commerce sites. This of course reverts back to our "abandoned shopping cart" analogy. Let\'s put in this way, you started the buying cycle- enticing your customer enough to add items to their cart but make sure you set up a way to contact them, should they decide they are not ready to commit at that moment in time. 

Last, but not least, Tactic 4: Retargeting Advertising. You may feel that you haven\'t captured all the leads to match in comparison to the visits per week or month you get to your site. One way to solve this, Retarget the search. When you can email potential leads, display banner ads via common only search sites such as Facebook. 

Finally, take action! All do not need to be implemented today, applying just one of these tactics to your marketing campaign will increase your lead generations.