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Gear Up for fall: Home Preparations

September 22nd, 2014 | by: SM SOLD | Posted in : Uncategorized

With summer behind us it’s time to get homes in top condition for the cooler months ahead. The cooler elements can often have more wear and tear to your home’s exterior and interior. Here are some great tips to stay ahead of the weather, and gear up for fall.

Keep your Greens, Green:

It is important to prep your lawns for the colder shifting climates. Curb appeal is a huge influencer in selling a home. In other words, people most like won’t be as inclined to move into a home with a frost bitten lawn. Before the cold front, prepare the lawn by developing a good root system and germinating the lawn.

Gut.. The Gutters:

Prepare for the rain. There is nothing worse than a clogged gutter. Throughout the year, thousands of gallons of water Check out these great tips on how to inspect your gutter from U.S General Services Administration: General Inspection and Maintenance of Gutters and Downspouts >>   

Patch, Patch, Patch.

There is nothing worse than a leak or terror in the unbeatable cooling months. It’s harder for workers to come out and fix the problems when the weather is rough, in addition to the potential for more damage. Keep the elements out! Make sure any tears in screen doors or bathroom windows are patched up.

Big Bad- Roof

Many times it is hard for a homeowner to determine the statue of their roof. With wear and tear through the years it can be difficult to determine and predict leaks from occurring. We recommend an annual inspection to prevent leaky roof. Inspections often including checking roof shingles for wind damage or cracks that may have occurred over the years. It is often more cost effective and smart to replace a few shingles each year, rather than have to repair the entire roof.

Keep the Cold Out

In area with cooler weather it is important to install some best practices indoors as well. For instance, home inspectors often recommend checking the pipes and underground irrigation system to assure nothing burst or freezes over.

Detect Something

Be sure to look at both your carbon dioxide and smoke detector at least once a year. It is common to overlook these simple and often forgotten in home devices. It is important to check the batteries and remain aware of the importance of these devices. After you have replaced the batteries, be sure to press down on the button or create smoke with a candle to assure the device is working correctly.

Here are a few tips to start your fall checklist. Get ahead of the elements and prepare your home for the cooler seasons head.