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Invest in Your Website

February 20th, 2017 | by: Sara Johnston | Posted in : Marketing, Real Estate Tips, Webites, Digital Trends

The Real Estate industry has fully embraced internet marketing and now it has become one of the most competitive industries online. It’s almost unthinkable for an agent or broker to not have their own website and social media channels to get their name out to potential clients.

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The Top 10 Amenities Luxury Home Buyers Are Searching For

February 6th, 2017 | by: Sara Johnston | Posted in : Luxury, Real Estate News, Real Estate Tips, Digital Trends

In the luxury market, over-the-top amenities dominate. The top luxury amenities do change from year to year depending on the newest trends in lifestyle and technology. But they always require extravagance and convenience. These are top 10 amenities sought after by luxury home buyers according to US News and World Report.

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Los Angeles in the top 20 Hottest Markets this January

February 1st, 2017 | by: Sara Johnston | Posted in : Real Estate News, Local News

Which markets are burning the hottest this month? In California there are a total of 12 markets in the top 20 and Los Angeles ranks in number 17. Winter usually sees a freeze in the housing market but with demand high and inventory low, homes are selling 4% faster this month than the same time last year.

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24 minutes ago via Facebook

6546 Colgate Avenue #OpenHouse #Caravan by client Todd Michaud Omega Group - Residential / Investment / Deve... from 11am to 2pm. Spectacular 4 bedroom 5.5 bathroom newly built custom home with design features as never seen before. #BrokersOpen #OmegaGroupLA #RealEstateMarketing #SMSOLD

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510 El Paso Street B #OpenHouse Today from 2pm - 4pm listed by client Clayton Bullock. Bright, airy floor plan. High ceilings, sleek detached condo from celebrated MooreTate. #Austin #Texas #RealEstate

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Open House Today from 12pm - 2pm at 10 Island Road, #EastHampton. East Hampton's premier development - Oyster Shores. By client Enzo Morabito #DouglasElliman #EnzoMorabitoTeam #NewYork



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